Libya to Transfer Wives and Children of Detained ISIS Fighters to Tunisia – Al Marsad

The head of the Tunisian Human Rights Observatory, Mustafa Abdel Kabir, said that arrangements are underway to hand over more than 22 wives and 39 children of ISIS operatives detained in Libyan prisons to Tunisia. They acquitted by the Libyan judiciary, to Tunisia and said not to be guilty of having their fathers or their husbands involved with ISIS. 

(Libya, 4 December 2020) – Mustafa Abdel Kabir, in a statement to “Al Arabiya” TV Channel this week, indicated that Tunisia resumed its diplomatic role in Libya after it was halted in 2014, as a result of the appointment of its ambassador to Libya.

The head of the Tunisian Human Rights Observatory added: “A meeting took place last month with the Libyan Minister of Justice, in which the file of Tunisian prisoners in Libya was discussed, as well as a number of other problems between the two countries.”

The transfer of women and children belonging to ISIS prisoners to Tunisia was said to be in line with implementation of an agreement signed between the two countries in 1961, which allows for the exchange of prisoners, criminals and judicial investigations.

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