Ouhaida: Electing a New Parliamentary Presidency Is Key at Ghadames Sessions – Al Marsad

Member of Parliament Jibril Ouhaida said that those assembled in Morocco had reached consensus on the need to unify the Parliament by completing consultative meetings in Ghadames and leading to a formal session.

(Libya, 4 December 2020) – In a statement to the Al Ittihad newspaper on  Thursday, Jibril Ouhaida expressed his hopes that the session would take place next Monday.

He said the amendment of the internal regulations of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the election of a new presidency were the most important items to be raised for discussion at the Ghadames sessions.

Additionally, the Members of Parliament were to discuss and adopt a “roadmap” to resolve the crisis and begin unifying institutions and electing a new executive authority. He stressed the importance of reaching agreement that was on constitutional basis, and not allow legislative authority to be replaced by an unrelated entity that had nothing to do with the choice made by the Libyan people.

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