Amal Bugaighis: LPDF Agreement is a General Constitutional Framework – Al Marsad

Attorney Amal Bugaighis, one of the participants in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in Tunisia, said that the task of the LPDF’s team was only to develop the necessary mechanisms to implement the Berlin recommendations, which are to amend the Presidential Council and form a separate executive government, whose mission is to provide services and prepare for the upcoming elections.

(Libya, 5 December 2020) – Amal Bugaighis said, according to the Qatari website Arabi 21, that it was not among the team’s tasks to delve into the nation’s constants and sources of legislation, which were elaborated in the Constitutional Declaration and the Political Agreement thereafter.

She pointed out that Tunisia’s Agreement is a general constitutional framework, so to speak, and details should be in the laws and regulations, as well as the statutes of these newly-formed political bodies, in which all stakeholders hope that everyone’s efforts will be combined, as she put it.

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