EU Diplomats Discuss Actions Against Turkey for Provocations in Eastern Mediterranean – Al Marsad

The Foreign Ministers of European Union (EU) member states discussed during their meeting in Brussels, on Sunday, how to deal with Turkey’s provocations in the Eastern Mediterranean.

(Libya, 7 December 2020) – According to the AKI Italian news agency, a number of European foreign ministers of European countries expressed their disappointment over Turkey’s lack of response to the positive agenda they proposed to overturn escalation and move towards constructive relations, blaming Ankara completely for the failure of German mediation efforts.

The news agency said ministers were expected to submit the results of their discussions today (Monday) to the European summit scheduled for next Thursday and Friday, to take the appropriate decision and what actions to take against Turkey.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said “too many provocations” from Turkey had made it impossible to set up direct talks between Ankara and Athens over a gas dispute in the Mediterranean.

A possible freeze on weapons exports might be among the possible measures under consideration against NATO-member Turkey.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said that there was broad agreement on the notion that Turkey had made no positive shift away from its policy of exploring in contested waters in the eastern Mediterranean.

The ministers will also discuss other issues, the most important of which is how to deal with the new incoming US Administration, after years of turmoil between Brussels and Washington during the term of outgoing President Donald Trump.

European ministers said that their new relations with their new US partner should be based on cooperation on issues of mutual interest and consensus, and strategic independence.

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