LNA Calls Erdogan a “Coloniser” as Turkish Drone Movement is Spotted over Sirte – Al Marsad

The official spokesperson for the Libyan National Army (LNA), Major General Ahmed al-Mismari said that the war on terrorism is not time bounded.

(Libya, 10 December 2020) – The war on terrorism is a protracted battle that ends with a complete military control over all Libyan territories and rooting out of extremist ideologies, LNA Spokesperson Major General Ahmed al-Mismari said to the press.

In a statement to Akhbar el-Yom Egyptian website, al-Mismari said: “The LNA is committed to the ceasefire and is satisfied with the results and steps taken in the 5+5 Libyan Joint Military Commission.” He expressed hope that Libya would be liberated in a way other than fighting.

Al-Mismari also observed that “unusual Turkish drone movement” was noticed at the west of the central coastal city of Sirte, as reported by Sky News.

He said that the Turkish deployment of drones, which took off from Misrata air base, was in defiance of the 5+5 military agreement.

“We know that Erdogan aims to gain access to oil and oil ports and will try, through extremist militias and the Muslim Brotherhood, to control the source of sustenance for Libyans—the key to control Libya,” the army spokesperson said.

Al-Mismari affirmed that Libyan oil and oil ports are “safe in the hands of the LNA”, noting that the international community is well aware of this.

However, the army spokesman stressed that any oil manipulation will not only be a domestic issue, but also an international issue for the foreign partners and companies, indicating that the international community is “seriously monitoring” the oil production file in Libya.

Describing Turkish President Recep Tayyip as a “coloniser”, al-Mismari asserted that Ankara was transporting equipment and mercenaries to Libya and controls air and naval bases in western Libya “until this hour”.

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