Radical Islamist Cleric Sadiq al-Gharyani Urges GNA Officials to Return to Turkey’s Fold – Al Marsad

Radical Islamic cleric, currently based in Istanbul, Sadiq al-Gharyani, lashed out at the visit of the Minister of Interior of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha, to France, as an affront to Turkey.

(Libya, 10 December 2020) – Sadiq al-Gharyani has expressed his astonishment at Fathi Bashagha’s visit to France at a time, according to the cleric, when the Arab and Islamic world is witnessing campaigns calling for French boycott over its official position on publishing offensive images of the Prophet Muhammad.

Speaking during an interview on the “Islam and Life” programme on his channel al-Tanasuh on Wednesday, he said: “The Muslim’s silence on these manifestations, whether an individual or a responsible minister, is one of the greatest sins. Visiting the enemy in his home to court him is a shameful thing that cannot be done.”

Instead of making conciliatory gestures, officials should be exerting pressure on France to back down and apologise by cancelling the existing bilateral commercial agreements, the former mufti said.

“We found out from a TRT report that the Turkish president is not satisfied with what Libya is doing with France. We know that if God had not brought Turkey to us in a time of distress, only God knows what would have been the situation in Tripoli. Turning our backs on Turkey and going to its opponent who is pressing European countries to seek punishment of it is unacceptable. We should not ally with it because it is considered treachery against the ally who stood with us.”

Addressing GNA officials, the former mufti said: “Haftar’s treachery continues, he mobilises and brings mercenaries and it is better for you to return to your ally voluntarily, apologise and renew the alliance with it, before Turkey gives up on you.”

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