Ali Tekbali: Turkey Wants to Solidify Presence in Libya – Al Marsad

Member of the Defence and National Security Committee in the House of Representatives (HoR), Ali Al-Tekbali, said that Turkey’s plan to extend troop presence in Libya’s soil has ulterior motives.

(Libya, 14 December 2020) — Turkish Presidency motion to parliament to extend troop deployment in Libya for 18 months is aimed at prolonging Ankara’s presence in the country in violation of international agreements that call for the departure of foreign forces, according to Al-Tekbali.

In a statement to Al-Arabiya TV, Al-Tekbali said: “Turkey does not want peace in Libya. It will neither allow political parties to function, nor any political settlement that is in conflict with its interests.”

The national security committee member noted that Ankara has already begun to strengthen its military presence through mobilising troops in western Libya.

The Turkish presidency said that the motion was “humanitarian” in nature and aimed at reaching a ceasefire and political settlement in Libya, which Al-Tekbali termed as “humorous and illogical”.

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