Al-Misbahi: Turkey is Preparing for a Major Battle Against the Libyan Army – Al Marsad

The Head of the Cabinet of the Supreme Council of the Sheikhs and Notables of Libya, Muhammad Al-Misbahi, said Turkish military manoeuvres in Khoms, and the continued arrival of military cargo planes to Al-Watiya and Misrata air bases, are indications of preparations for a major battle against the Libyan armed forces and the occupation of all Libyan cities.  

(Libya, 17 December 2020) – Muhammad Al-Misbahi, in a statement to Al-Ain News on Wednesday, said Turkey had gathered members of the Government of National Accord (GNA) during the past few days in Istanbul to unify the ranks of the militias for a future war.

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He drew attention to the moves of the Minister of Defense, Salah al-Din al-Namroush, towards Qatar and Turkey to conclude agreements in order to bring weapons and equipment in preparation to violate the 5+5 Joint Military Commission.

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He pointed out that Turkey was aiming to gain time to mobilize its forces in Libya.

Al-Misbahi stressed that Turkey came to occupy and stay in Libya, to make it a launching pad to threaten and extort Europe with terrorists and refugees from Africa.

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