Former British MP Chris Williamson Regrets his Support for War in Libya in 2011 – Al Marsad

Former British MP for Derby North and City Council Leader Chris Williamson expressed his deep remorse for voting in favour of a parliamentary motion to support the war in Libya in 2011. He said the Libyan intervention was “an abomination” backed by UN Resolution 1973.

(Libya, 22 December 2020) – Chris Williamson tweeted on his official Twitter account: “I bitterly regret being coerced by a 3 line whip, imposed by the Labour leadership in 2011, into voting for a Parliamentary motion backing UN Security Council Resolution 1973, enforcing a No Fly Zone in Libya,” adding the that “consequences of this imperialist intervention were catastrophic.”

UK’s Royal Air Force Typhoon aircraft are pictured following their first mission over Libya in support of UN Resolution 1973.

In further he said: “The fact that most people knew little or nothing about the incredible social policies in Libya under Gaddafi is an indictment of the corporate media hacks. They perpetually fail to tell the truth about non-Western countries and lap up imperialist propaganda instead.”

He said the Libyan intervention was “an abomination, but it was backed by UNSC Resolution 1973.”

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