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The Turkish Ministry of Defence published today new photos from the Tripoli visit by Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar of a Christman and New Year concert for Turkish soldiers at Mitiga airbase and attended by Bashagha, al-Mishri and al-Namroush. These photos were only published by the Turkish media and not by GNA’s official media organs.

(Libya, 27 December 2020) – The Turkish Ministry of Defence said that Hulusi Akar gave a speech to the Turkish soldiers at Mitiga airbase in which he threatened Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and the Libyan National Army, followed by a concert by the artists Esat Kabaklı, Serkan Çağrı and Elif Buse Dogan and dinner party with Turkish soldiers.

Serkan Çağrı and Elif Buse Dogan

The Turkish soldiers were seen in large numbers in the hall at a time when RADA, who are stationed at the same airbase, had imposed strict restrictions on Libyans over the New Year, but a number of its members were seen standing on the sides of the hall for protection.

Hulusi Akar at dinner with Fathi Bashagha, Khaled al-Mishri and Salah al-Din al-Namroush.

Turkish media revealed that this concert was to celebrate the occasion of Christmas and the New Year to entertain the Turkish soldiers who have been working in Libya for months. Turkish Ministry also confirmed that the singers presented works of the Turkish artist Mustafa Ceceli, an ultra nationalist artist who praised the Turkish race and the Ottoman era.

Hulusi Akar, Fathi Bashagha, Khaled al-Mishri and Salah al-Din al-Namrous seated in the front row at the concert for Turkish soldiers.

Hulusi Akar, accompanied by GNA’s Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha, Muslim Brotherhood member and head of State Council Khaled al-Mishri, and GNA’s Defence Minister Salah al-Din al-Namrush, were all seated at the front, and were seen enjoying the performance of the Turkish singer Elif Dogan. She was wearing a red dress symbolising Christmas and New Year. In the photos Fathi Bashagha can be seen enjoying the concert immensely.

Elif Buse Dogan

Turkish singer Elif Dogan published also a message this morning on her twitter page supporting the Turkish troops in Libya.

Interestingly, while Bashagha published nearly 45 photos of his meeting with Akar, as did al-Mishri and and al-Nimrush—all three of the Libyan officials avoided publishing anything on the concert. The photos were in fact revealed by Akar to Turkish media in the context of his review to the citizens of his country on the morale of his soldiers in Libya and their efforts to entertainment them.

The Libyan Channel 218 published a news item last night on the concert before its official disclosure, but the news was with denial from the Islamist February channel, which is close to Ali al-Sallabi and based in Turkey. The February Channel said it was fake news aimed at discrediting Tripoli. However, the Turkish Ministry published the photos and the news of the concert this morning which proved the news item to be have been correct.

Esat Kabaklı

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