Al-Hweij: Solution Must Be in the Hands of Libyans, Foreign Interference Hinders Resolution – Al Marsad

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Abdulhadi Al-Hweij, met with the members of the Ministry’s advisers on Wednesday  in Benghazi.

(Libya, 1 January 2021) – Abdulhadi Al-Hweij was briefed on the latest proposals and opinions of advisers on the latest developments in the situation in Libya.

They emphasized the need for a clear vision on the future of the solution in Libya, especially through the upcoming elections. They also stressed that the solution must be in the hands of Libyans themselves, and foreign interference will only hinder any solution to the Libyan crisis.

Al-Hweij also suggested preparations should be made for a national seminar on the Libyan crisis, to which all Libyan parties would be invited to participate to add their voice to the debate on the future of political life in Libya.

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