French Military Expert: Erdogan Will Not Retreat From His Ambitions in Libya and North Africa – Al Marsad

Former officer of the French Defense Ministry and military expert, Delon Gauder, said that the United Nations and the international community have known  from the beginning about Erdogan’s ambitions in Libya.

(Libya, 3 January 2021) – In a statement to Al-Bayan newspaper, the French expert pointed out that Erdogan will not retreat from his ambitions to maintain a foothold in Libya—especially after spending a huge budget on militias in western Libyan, strengthening them with terrorist fighters over the last 5 years, and buying the loyalty of some of the Government of National Accord (GNA)’s officials to ensure policy is conducted according to the wishes of Ankara.

The report also said that European military experts said that Turkey has been openly working to form a multi-faction militia with light, medium and light arms, who will take orders directly from Turkish military battalions at the military bases they occupy in Libya. The aim, said the experts, was to maintain chaos in the country and obstruct any political solution. They said Turkey wishes to control the Oil Crescent to guarantee the success of its colonial ambitions in Libya and North Africa and dreams of resurrecting the defunct Ottoman empire.

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