Rachid Ghannouchi Hopes for Economic Partnership Between Tunisia, Libya and Qatar – Al Marsad

Rachid Ghannouchi, Tunisia’s Parliamentary Speaker and head of Muslim Brotherhood’s Ennahdha Party, expressed his hope that resolution to the Libyan crisis would lead to a burgeoning economic partnership between Tunisia, Libya and Qatar.

(Libya, 4 January 2021) – In an interview with Qatar’s Al-Sharq newspaper on Sunday, Rachid Ghannouchi, the head of the Ennahda Movement—the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia—said a breakthrough in the situation in Libya will provide a very important opportunity for the Tunisian-Qatari-Libyan tripartite economic partnership, to invest in peace and reconstruction in Libya.

Ghannouchi pointed to the 8th session of the Tunisian-Qatari Joint Committee meetings in March, expecting its work to focus “on the maritime links between the two countries and removal of all the obstacles to a genuine partnership in the field of air transport serving Tunisia, Qatar and Africa.”

He added that such a move will support the partnership between Tunisia and Qatar “in specialised labor and the development of trade between the two countries, which has yet to exceed the US$170 million mark.”

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