Shalouf: Turkish Military Presence in Libya Has Nothing To Do with Restoring Peace – Al Marsad

Does the acceptance of the Turkish military presence in Libya serve as a prerequisite for peace? The head of the Libyan Silphium Foundation for Research and Studies, Jamal Shalouf, raises questions for the international community and the United Nations mission.

(Libya, 3 January 2021) – Jamal Shalouf in a Facebook post criticised those who link the Turkish military presence with restoring peace in Libya.

“Quite frankly, we really doubt that there are people who link peace between Libyans and accepting the Turkish military presence on Libyan soil as a matter of fact,” read his post.

It continued: “With regard to those who are pushing the story of Wagner, the Russians, and the Janjaweed, etc, I want them to answer these questions: Does the Russian parliament or the Janjaweed protect the duration of their military presence in Libya? Did the Russian Foreign Minister or a spokesperson for any foreign faction or militia stated that the next Libyan government has no right to demand that they leave Libya?”

This response by Shalouf was alluding to the recent insensitive remarks made by Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who said that no one had the right to demand Turkey to leave Libya, not even the new interim government of the country.

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