Al-Sharif: Turkey Turns Western Libya into Mercenary Garrison and Arms Depot – Al Marsad

Libyan political analyst Muhammad al-Sharif, said that Turkey is still continuing to mobilise mercenaries and weapons in Libya, further expanding Ankara’s air bridge to Tripoli, Misrata and Al-Watiya Air Base.

(Libya, 6 January 2021) – Turkish provocation places the entire region in a state of instability, warned Muhammad al-Sharif in recent statements made to Al Bayan newspaper.

“The security situation is fragile in western Libya, and Erdogan is taking advantage of this situation by supplying weapons to terrorist organisations,” he said, adding, “the best way to resolve the crisis is to uproot these organisations and ensure the removal of mercenaries.” Otherwise,, he warned, it “will result in an armed confrontation between Libyans and these mercenaries.”

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