Mahjoub: International Monitoring Mission Not New Idea But Part of Geneva Agreement – Al Marsad

The Director of the Moral Guidance Department of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Brigadier General Khalid al-Mahjoub, said that the deployment of international observers to Libya is not a new proposal, but in fact one of the stipulations of the agreements signed during the 5+5 Joint Military Commission talks in Geneva.

(Libya, 6 January 2021) –  In a statement to the Erem News this week LNA’s Brigadier General Khalid al-Mahjoub made it clear that the UN’s call for international monitors to observe the fragile truce in Libya was not a new idea. He said the 5+5 Joint Military Commission had agreed on the presence of observers to monitor the ceasefire agreement signed on 23 October 2020 in Geneva by the LNA and the GNA military representatives.

“What is being circulated about sending international observers to Libya cannot be called a proposal, as it is an existing item, and it was approved and signed during the Geneva talks,” he said.

He denied rumours making the rounds in social media that the LNA was against the presence of international observers. “The army does not mind it at all, and it is committed to what was agreed upon,” he said.

Al-Mahjoub also indicated that the countries that will form international monitoring mission have been identified, as well as the number of observers, and other details.

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