Al-Thini Inspects Government Projects to Restore the Historical Landmarks of Benghazi – Al Marsad

The Prime Minister of the Libyan interim government, Abdullah al-Thini, conducted an inspection tour yesterday of a number of important projects currently underway that aim to restore some of the historical and cultural landmarks of Benghazi.

(Libya, 7 January 2021) – Abdullah al-Thini began his tour by inspecting the project to rebuild the tomb of Omar al-Mukhtar, the leader of the martyrs, in its historic location in the center of Benghazi, in recognition of this national symbol of resistance and independence.

He inspected progress of the reconstruction work stressing the need to preserve the original design of the tomb, because Omar al-Mukhtar’s legacy of defending Libya must be transmitted to future generations of patriotic Libyans.

The tour by Prime Minister al-Thini also included maintenance work of the gardens surrounding the shrine, emphasizing the need to meet the highest aesthetic standards for this landmark.

Al-Thini also inspected the maintenance work at the National Library of Libya, which hopes to become once again a cultural symbol of the city. The National Library will be the official headquarters for the submission of all new publications and a centre for the preservation of Libyan literature and creativity.

The National Library of Libya is located in Benghazi’s downtown on an area of one and a half hectares, and was originally built in 1972 and opened seven years later in 1979. The library was devastated by terrorist groups before the area was liberated by the Libyan National Army.

After the liberation of Benghazi, Prime Minister Thini had immediately issued instructions to reconstruct the library and various historical monuments of the city that required maintenance due to destruction and vandalism by terrorists. This was an effort to return the city of Benghazi back to normality, given that the terrorist groups wanted to create chaos and destruction in the city.

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