British Report: New Confessions by the Libyan Terrorist Khairi Saadallah – Al Marsad

A news report published by Sky News revealed new developments in the case of the Libyan terrorist Khairi Saadallah.

(Libya, 6   January 2021) – The Sky News report confirmed the hearing at the Old Bailey in London for the confessions of Khairi Saadallah. Saadallah, who is Libyan, admitted last November to the killing of James Furlong, David Wails, and Joseph Ritchie-Bennett, along with the attempted murder of Stephen Young, Patrick Edwards, Nishit Nisudan, and the absence of any terrorist motive for his crimes.

The report indicated that Saadallah admitted to the court that he was under the influence of a notorious preacher named Omar Brooks or Abu Izzadeen (whose name before his conversion to Islam was Trevor Richard Brooks), as well as his admission of his involvement in a terrorist group banned in Libya, the Ansar al-Sharia. His request for asylum was rejected 8 years earlier, and he believed that by killing as many people as possible that he was performing an act of religious jihad.

The report added that Saadallah was not removed from the country because of legal barriers, despite a string of criminal convictions. He was exposed while in prison to the influence of Abu Izzadeen during their stay together in the HMP Bullingdon together in January 2017 where they attended Friday prayers and went to the gym together.

The Public Prosecutor Alison Morgan said that Saadallah committed a horrific crime. She added that Saadallah was “ruthlessly efficient in his actions”, adding: “The prosecution’s case is that the attack perpetrated by this defendant was carefully planned and executed with determination and precision.

She said, “the defendant believed that in carrying out this attack he was acting in pursuit of his extremist ideology, an extremist ideology that he appears to have held for some time, “He believed that in killing as many people as possible that day he was performing an act of religious jihad, this means that the influence of Brooks, a prominent preacher in a terrorist organization that promotes extremist thought in Britain, was great for the killer.”

A prison officer at HMP Bullingdon observed that Saadallah was “keen to talk to and associate with” Brooks whilst they were in custody together. The officer said Saadallah was at first very vulnerable and volatile, and attended with Brooks regularly to Friday prayers and the gym. That Saadallah’ was associating with a known extremist in 2017 was “significant” because it “indicates that the extremist ideology that he was exposed to in Libya in 2011 remained of interest to him in 2017, and while in Tripoli, along with his father, he claimed to have been part of the terrorist Ansar Al-Sharia.

The report added that in the photos shown to the court, Saadallah can be seen wearing military fatigues and holding firearms in vehicles and on the street, there were also images of a small handgun next to bullets arranged into a letter “K” for “Khairi.”

Khairi Saadallah.

A handwritten note was found at his apartment in Reading, which included the words: “We will be free and carry out Jihad and ask my Lord God that when I hold the arm, tears of joy will come down about the Hoor al-ayn [the Virgins of Paradise] that will be happily waiting for me.”

Saadallah was refused asylum on 6 December 2012 by which time he was staying in Manchester and absconded after an appeal failed.

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