Aguila Saleh: We Do Not Beg or Receive Orders from Turkey or Any Other Country – Al Marsad

President of the Libyan House of Representatives, Chancellor Aguila Saleh, denied reports in the media following comments last December by Turkey’s Foreign Ministry that he was sending an envoy to Turkey.

(Libya, 9 January 2021) – Chancellor Aguila Saleh confirmed in an interview with Al Arabiya TV on Saturday, that the Parliament does not receive orders from anyone, saying: “We do not beg or receive orders from Turkey or any other country.”

He also added: “We totally deny any contact with Turkey through our special envoy.” He stressed, however, that he would not hesitate to communicate with countries involved in the Libyan crisis without compromising sovereignty and national principles.

Saleh added that he was  “working for the stability of our country and all our steps are clear to the Libyan people,” emphasizing that the interests of the Libyan people and security and stability of the country was his foremost goal.

The allegations were first made by the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu on December last year. He said, “Turkey is communicating with the eastern side in Libya. The Special Representative of the Speaker of Tobruk Parliament visited Turkey, and before that, the Speaker of Tobruk Parliament, Aguila Saleh, intended to send his deputy to Turkey, but this visit did not take place.”



Turkish Foreign Minister: Special Envoy of Aguila Saleh Visited Turkey for Talks





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