GNA’s Finance Ministry Reveals Points Agreed at the Brega Economic Meeting – Al Marsad

The Ministry of Finance of the Government of National Accord (GNA) confirmed in a statement on Tuesday, that the face-to-face meeting in the city of Brega between Libyan officials comes in response to the demand by the Libyan people to address the economic conditions and to alleviate the complex problems facing the national economy.  

(Libya, 12 January 2021) – The Ministry of Finance of the GNA said in a statement issued earlier today that the economic shocks to the Libyan economy have directly affected the living conditions of citizens throughout the country. It indicated that the economy was the main factor effecting politics, and the economic reform being put in place today would inevitably lead to political reform.

Participants of the economic meeting in the city of Brega.

The Ministry revealed that this meeting discussed the economic and financial integration between macroeconomic policies (financial, monetary, trade) and the steps necessary to enhance those policies. The statement said that the meeting, which was characterized by patriotism and upholding the nation’s interest, emphasized the following:

  1. To agree to determine the way the government spends its money and emphasize the principle of efficient spending;
  2. To agree to prepare a final draft of the general budget in the coming days, in preparation for presenting it to the next Government of National Accord.

According to a source, the meeting was attended by the GNA’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Taher Siala, the GNA’s Finance Minister Faraj Boumtari on behalf of the government, Ali al-Habri, the governor of the Bayda-based Central Bank of Libya, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Planning in charge of running the ministry’s duties in the Libyan government, Mujahid Ghaith, and directors of various departments.