Sarraj and Maitiq in Rome to Consolidate Status of the Presidential Council of the GNA – Al Marsad

On Tuesday this week, Presidential Council members Fayez al-Sarraj and Ahmed Maitiq undertook an important 5-day visit to Italy to develop bilateral relations between both countries which a view to consolidating the status of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord amidst competing Italian and Turkish positions.

(Libya, 13 January 2021) – AlMarsad followed the visit Italian by Fayez al-Sarraj and Ahmed Maitiq, as the latter met with the Italian Minister of Interior Luciana Lamorgese to discuss the implementation of the terms of the agreement signed the Government of National Accord (GNA). The agreement was to ​​train and raise the efficiency of the employees of the GNA’s Ministry of Interior and the Anti-Terrorism Force and the Land and Maritime Border Guard.

Italian Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese

Lamorgese praised the efforts by the Presidential Council in combating illegal immigration, stating that since the renewal of their agreement the flow of illegal immigrants in recent months had decreased. In the meeting, Ahmed Maitiq stressed the desire of the Presidency Council of the GNA to expand the work of the Memorandum of Understanding on combatting illegal immigration to include Europe countries and the Maghreb.

The two sides also discussed establishing a general principle on future exchange of prisoners between Libya and Italy.

Maitiq met with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, as the latter welcomed the depth of cooperation and relations between Libya and Italy. During the meeting both parties discussed developments on the political dialogue front and the efforts made by the Italian side to ensure its success.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio

The two parties stressed the importance of achieving Presidential elections that lead to the stability of the country, emphasising the activation of the agreements concluded between the Presidential Council and Italy in many areas, especially the agreement on building the coastal road between Ras Ajdir and Imsaad, and the resumption of flights between Libyan and Italian airports.

He also met with the Italian Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini, to discuss the military technical agreement signed by the two defense ministries and the mechanism for implementing its provisions.

Maitiq Meets with the Italian Minister of Defense to Discuss Military Agreement

Sarraj had tried during the visit, according to experts, to reduce the gap between the Italian position which calls for the formation of a new transitional government until the elections in December 2021, and the Turkish position that wants to keep Sarraj in place until the elections in order to ensure the largest possible gains.

During the visit, Sarraj also met in Rome with the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, UNSMIL’s Stephanie Williams, and US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland, with the aim of achieving his political goals during the visit.