Cihat Yayci: Our Blue Homeland Maritime Doctrine and Presence in Libya is in Danger – Al Marsad

The mastermind of Turkey’s “Blue homeland” doctrine, the former Chief of General Staff of the Turkish Navy Cihat Yayci, acknowledged his country’s ambitions in Libya and the Mediterranean and said any dialogue with Greece would threaten Turkey’s gains.

Former Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Navy, Cihat Yaycı

(Libya, 14 January 2021) – Cihat Yayci’s admission came in a statement he issued where he said that Turkey would lose all its gains if dialogue with Greece was to go ahead, acknowledging also that his country’s dream of achieving the doctrine of the “Blue Homeland” and the continuation of the maritime Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) illegally concluded with the Government of National Accord (GNA)’s Fayez al-Sarraj were on the verge of breaking.

Yayci’ stressed that Greece should not be allowed to discuss the situation in Libya and the Middle East with Turkey. He said halting the maritime MOU with Sarraj would mean the complete collapse of Ankara’s policy and its doctrine of encroachment on Greece’s sovereignty in its country and the region.



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