Latin American Drug Traffickers Developing New Smuggling Routes Through Libya – Al Marsad

A Norwegian investigative report revealed that drug traffickers are looking to the North African region, particularly Libya, to facilitate the transit of cocaine into Europe.

(Libya, 14 January 2021) – The report prepared by the Norwegian shipping news media, TradeWinds, which quoted the officials of the British maritime consulting firm Dryad Global, warning that the attention of cocaine smugglers had now turned from West Africa to North Africa.

The report added that the tightening of security measures in the west of the continent and its weakness in the north led to changes in the smuggling routes fo narcotic substances. The article pointed to concrete evidence of this change in pattern of cocaine transhipments and it became even more clear after the customs authorities in Malta confiscated two shipments of cocaine that were on their way to Libya within a week apart during last December.

The report stated that customs authorities at Malta Freeport confiscated a record haul of 612 kilograms of cocaine hidden in containers of cooking oil from Ecuador via Colombia and destined for Libya. Additionally, another shipment confiscated at the port of Guayaquil in Ecuador led to the discovery of 582 kilograms of cocaine hidden in 19 pieces of teak bound for Libya and Syria

The report quoted Matt Herbert, a research manager for the North Africa and Sahel Observatory at the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, who said that the that drug traffickers in Latin America established direct transhipment points with the aim of crossing cocaine through Libya to Europe.

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