Amazigh Supreme Council of Libya: We Reject Constitutional Committee’s Outcomes and Consider it a Racist Act Against Us – Al Marsad

The Amazigh Supreme Council of Libya issued a statement on the recent developments on the constitutional process, and the announcement of the so-called Constitutional Committee in Cairo formed by the advisory State Council and the House of Representatives (HoR) on a referendum on the draft constitution.

(LIBYA, The Amazigh Supreme Council announced in a statement on Thursday its categorical rejection of the Constitutional Committee’s outcomes, and considered this act as a dangerously slippery, an act of aggression and an unprecedented escalation against the Amazigh of Libya.

In its statement, the Council described the draft as racist, stressing that the alleged referendum had been boycotted and the consequences of it had not been recognized.

It concluded by inviting all members and municipalities within the Council’s membership to convene an urgent meeting.