6 Political Organizations Reject the Draft Constitution and the Referendum On It: Constitutional Rule for Elections is Ready – Al Marsad

Six leading Libyan political organizations issued a statement today on the latest developments on the political scene, especially on the constitutional base required to hold legislative and presidential elections at the end of this year. 

(LIBYA, 21 January 2021) – The statement, a copy of which was received by AlMarsad. was issued by Civil Democratic Bloc, Ihya Libya Movement, Libyan National Movement, National Youth Stream, National Action Coordination, and the Libyan American Group, referred to the controversy over the so-called constitutional basis for holding these elections.

The signatories of the statement announced their complete rejection of the draft constitution and the referendum on it, and stated that the constitutional basis for holding elections is ready.

We publish below the English translation of the full statement:


The issue of controversy over the so-called constitutional basis necessary to hold the general elections that the United Nations announced an agreement to organize by 24 December 2021 arises again and forcefully. In the midst of discussing this issue at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, with its various tracks, from Tunisia to Morocco to Egypt and Geneva, the desire of the parties that do not really care to find solutions to get out of the tragic and painful situation that Libya has reached is emerging on the scene—because those parties are the only beneficiaries of this situation, by placing obstacles and impediments in front of the achievement of the announced elections.

In this regard, these parties began to mobilize all their efforts, and to employ all their capabilities, to promote the idea of ​​moving forward to approve a draft constitution presented by the Constitution Drafting Assembly, through a popular referendum. They are well aware that taking this path cannot lead to holding elections either on the (abovementioned) specified date or even a year or more later, because they know what will result from the referendum method in terms of wasting time and extending the available deadlines, not to mention the sterile debate with which they argue about the need for a constitutional basis on which to hold elections.

We have repeatedly expressed that the real solution to the nation’s crisis is the passage to general, presidential and parliamentary elections, after preparing the appropriate environment for their conduct, by ending the phenomenon of deviating from state power, as well as ending the proliferation of weapons and the presence of militias.

We also expressed that the necessary constitutional basis already exists, and there is absolutely no need to find an alternative to it, which is the Constitutional Declaration after including the February Committee’s Proposal in it, and in the Parliament Resolution No. 5 of 2014 regarding the direct election of the Head of State.

Hence, we reaffirm our conviction about the aforementioned, and stress on our rejection of the idea of ​​proceeding with the referendum on a draft constitution, because we reject this project in its entirety.

We are confident that the new authorities that the Libyans will elect on 24 December 2021 will be able to address this deficiency, by establishing a new legitimacy that governs the Libyan state: a legislative and executive (legitimacy). One of its first tasks will be to reconsider the draft of a permanent constitution, by forming a committee of experts and specialists who will draft a new proposal for a permanent constitution that expresses the expectations and aspirations of the Libyan people.

May God Preserve Libya

Civil Democratic Block
Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) Movement
Libyan National Movement
National Youth Stream
National Action Coordination
Libyan American Group

21 January 2021

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