Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party Supports Bashagha to Lead LPDF’s New “Interim” Government – Al Marsad

The Islamist Libyan Panorama Channel (LPC), the media arm of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party (JCP), announced its support for Fathi Bashagha’s candidacy to lead the new interim government proposed by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in Tunisia. This is the first public reference confirming all the reports on Bashagha’s relationship with the party and the Muslim Brotherhood as their candidate for the post through UNSMIL’ s LPDF.

(Libya, 24 January 2021) – The LPC channel broadcasted a report on Friday evening with the title: “Politicians and international experts support Bashagha’s candidacy for the presidency of the Government of National Accord”. Later it was revealed that they were the member the State Council member, Idriss Abu Fayed, the political analyst based in the US, Hafed Al-Ghwell, and businessman Husni Bey.

Following the feature broadcast by LPC, Al-Raed Media Network which is also a media arm of the Justice and Construction Party (JCP), published the same content but in the form of infographic images as a sign of the Islamist party’s support for Bashagha as their candidate. Bashagha is clearly seen as their best weapon for access to power, given that the Muslim Brotherhood has lost of all their winning cards or any figures affiliated to the Islamist wing who might have any chance of convincing even a small section of the Libyan population.

The LPC claimed that leaders from thw world of politics, economy and international relations all “supported” Bashagha. It quoted the Libyan US-based analyst Hafed al-Ghweil, who made the claim that “that it was Bashagha who faced the aggression against Tripoli while the President and members of the Presidential Council were outside the country.”

Idriss Abu Fayed, who is close to the Muslim Brotherhood, said that they support Bashagha. He claimed the new interim government would be formed by early next month and may remain in office for only 10 months and oversee the referendum on the constitution and the elections next December.

Libyan businessman Husni Bey said, according to the Muslim Brotherhood channel, that Bashagha is qualified for this position and has the qualifications for the post, and that all he needed to do was to choose the best advisers.



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