Libyan Man Arrested in Malta on Charges of Armed Assault – Al Marsad

A Libyan man was arrested by Maltese authorities for his involvement in a violent brawl, according to a news report published by the English-language newspaper Malta Today.

 (Libya, 26 January 2021) – The report indicated that the Libyan used a spring-loaded craft knife and glass bottles in the brawl that occurred in San Gwann. Police came to the scene of the brawl on Saturday evening to find an Arab man who said he had been set upon by some people. Shortly afterwards, a car driven by the accused and a woman drove past and the victim had pointed out the man.

The dispute seems to have started over money and escalated out of control. Sheibani was accused of attacking and slightly injuring two men. He also attacked a woman, insulting the three, breaching the peace, carrying a knife in public without a licence and breaching his bail conditions.

His lawyer, Annemarie Cutajar, entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of the accused and requested bail. Magistrate Ian Farrugia denied bail, noting that the accused had no ties to Malta and witnesses were yet to testify.


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