Al-Ferjani: Muslim Brotherhood Has Candidates in Each Region to Confuse the Electoral Process – Al Marsad

Libyan political analyst, Nassif al-Ferjani warned that Muslim Brotherhood has a candidate in each region to confuse the electoral process, some of whom are members of the High Council of State. Walid al-Lafi, director of Salam Channel and former director of the Islamist Alnabaa Channel, is also one of the Brotherhood’s candidates, who is supported by Turkey with recommendation by Ali al-Sallabi, the Qatar-based Muslim Brotherhood leader.

(LIBYA, 2 February 2021) – In a statement to Al-Ain news on Monday, Nassif al-Ferjani explained that Muslim Brotherhood is fielding a considerable number of candidates for various appointments at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) and elections. These candidates come from the specific regions where they are contesting but who are also very loyal to the Islamist organization and its leadership. They will be used for political bargaining, as a large number of Islamist candidates running under the guise of being independent would confuse the electoral process.

Al-Ferjani said that many candidates are in pursuit of personal interests, in addition to competition between regions and within regions—they have dropped the interests of the nation. The highest judicial authority breached Libyan law by nominating the head of the Supreme Judiciary Council, Justice Mohammed Al-Hafi who has not resigned yet from his position, as well as Major General Osama al-Juwaili who ran for the Presidential position and has not resigned too. The same applies for Fathi Bashagha who when fielding his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister has still not stepped down from his position as Minister of Interior as AlMarsad revealed yesterday.

Al-Ferjani indicated that there is a state of distrust between political movements who are exploiting positions to enhance their influence, in addition to the entrenchment corruption and complete absence of accountability.