Al-Agha: Al-Mishri’s Answers at LPDF Shows He Is Unlikely to Honour December Elections – Al Marsad

Constitutional expert Faiq Al-Basha said that the answers given by the candidates during the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in Geneva show that they do not know the laws and regulations of the country, or they know and want to evade it until they reach the position of power.

(Libya, 2 February 2021) – In a statement to Erm News Faiq Al-Basha indicated that candidates did not give clear answers on the elections as well as the handing over of power with the December elections.

Candidate Khaled al-Mishri, when asked about guarantees for the handing over power at the end of the year and hold elections, responded by mentioning obstacles facing the elections. This, according to al-Basha, effectively meant that Mishri followed the Muslim Brotherhood’s stance on rejecting elections due to the lack of winning chances.

Al-Basha added, “Aguila Saleh did not get far either, when his answer about handing over the power was: if conditions permit.”