Muslim Brotherhood: Sarraj’s Government Was Unable to Unify Libya – Al Marsad

Head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party, Mohammed Sawan, expressed his support for elections, and said  that the current political bodies are obsolete and their legitimate term has expired.

(LIBYA, 2 February 2021) – In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Mohammed Sawan said that Fayez al-Sarraj’s government has not been able to present a model that unites the entire country, and therefore a Government of National Unity must be formed from all Libya so the elections in December can be held.

Sawan pointed out that the Justice and Construction Party (JCP) has a principled stance against any project that allows the return of what he described as ”dictatorship, tyranny and militarization”. He said there was no place for Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar because he chose “military dictatorship”, which he said Libya would no longer accept.

He ended his interview claiming that the unification of institutions was possible if “the national and international supporters of the military project” realize Haftar’s failure. Sawan added that Libya’s future depends on political stability, and the crisis in Libya is not financial, but a political to one over the management of state resources.