Al-Sallabi Calls Libyans to Rally Behind the LPDF’s New Interim Authority – Al Marsad

Leading Libyan Muslim Brotherhood ideologue and member or the General Secretariat of Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s International Union of Muslim Scholars in Doha, Ali al-Sallabi, called Libyans to support the new political leaders which he said were “elected” in a “democratic and transparent” manner by Libyans under the supervision of the United Nations.

(Libya, 8 February 2021) – In an interview with the Al-Araby Al-Jadeed on Saturday, Ali al-Sallabi considered the outcome of UN efforts in Geneva to help Libyans choose their leadership for the transitional phase as a victory for the voice of reason and wisdom, and a turning of the page of discord and conflict.

“A sane Libyan can only support the option of a political solution, which ended up at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in Geneva on Friday, by contesting four lists for the leadership of the interim government, until the list of Mohamed Al-Menfi and Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbaiba ended up winning,” said al-Sallabi.

Al-Sallabi stressed that what was required from the new political leadership which is internationally accepted, was to broaden the circle of dialogue and seek to form a government that reflects the colors of the Libyan spectrum and excludes no one.

“Everyone should fold the page of discord and conflict and be a part of the political solution based on transparent democratic process, and contribute to the achievement of genuine reconciliation that consolidates civil peace.”

“No doubt that the major responsibility for managing the transition phase is on the new political leaders, a responsibility that presupposes the new government to open up to the people of its various components.”

Al-Sallabi asserted that the only victors from the conclusion of the LPDF in Geneva are the Libyans, adding: “At such phase, it is a serious mistake to talk about victors or the vanquished, because it does not exist. Everyone has triumphed, on the basis of a political solution, and then by establishing a democratic transition achieved by the elected leaders to monitor the dialogue committee and the institutions of the Libyan people at various levels.”

“In this crucial historical phase of our Libyan history, we must express our gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of the United Nations, which culminated in fostering a democratic march on which we are required to build.”

On the requirement for the new leadership to obtain confidence of House of Representatives (HoR), al-Salabi said: “We are talking about a new authority elected under international supervision, which came in accordance through a competitive logic, and it is fine to return to take confidence from the LPDF committee that it created or to the HoR if it is agreed,” he put it.