EXCLUSIVE | The Case by Sanalla Against an American Company for a $371,000 Armored Chevrolet – Al Marsad

REPORT | AlMarsad has obtained a copy of the document of the case filled by the Houston office of the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) against the American company Alpine Armoring before a court in Texas on 4 December 2021 as reported by Africa Intelligence.

(Libya, 10 February 2021) – According to Africa Intelligence’s report issued this Wednesday, the Libyan oil firm accuses the US company Alpine Armoring of failing to comply with a contract concluded in January 2020 for the delivery of an armored Chevrolet Suburban 3500 HD. This luxury SUV is worth $348,000, or the equivalent of 1.78 million LYD.

“This SUV provides protection from AK-47 gunfire and grenades. It was most likely to be used by NOC chief executive, Mustafa Sanalla. The company CEO has had several run-ins with violent militia and had to be exfiltrated during an armed attack on the company headquarters in 2018,” said the report.

Chevrolet Suburban 3500 HD

According to the NOC, which is represented by Eric J. Cassidy of the law firm Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle, said that the Libyan national company never received the vehicle as Alpine Armoring was unable to get the necessary export clearance from the US Department of Commerce.

However, the American company never reimbursed the $371,000 paid for the car and its shipping fees to Tripoli to the NOC, at a time when Sanalla complained about the lack of funding of the NOC by the Libyan government and its delay in disbursement of the Foundation’s budgets.

The report added that NOC’s Houston office, opened in 2019, has been handling the case and has asked for the money to be returned plus damages.


AlMarsad has obtained copies of the documents of the case filed by Mustafa Sanallah’s lawyers through the NOC office in Houston in order to recover US$400,000 from Alpine Armoring

The Armoured vehicle dealer Alpine Armoring was founded in 1997 and is run by Fred Khoroushi. The company represented by lawyers George Edwards and Murtaza Fakhruddin Sutarwalla of Edwards Sutarwalla.

These two lawyers pleaded on 19 January that the court of Houston did not have the jurisdiction to rule over this case, which indicates that the company may delay in returning the amount to Sanalla, and the vehicle is unlikely to reach Tripoli.

Sanalla opened an office in Houston to attract US investments to the Libyan oil industry before this scandal surfaced. The case sheds light on the nature of the office and its expenses, including how an costly car was purchased without knowledge by the Libyan regulatory authorities. The Libyan regulatory authorities had previously questioned the usefulness of establishing a Houston branch for the NOC, as well as how it violated the founding charter of the NOC.