US State Department: “Turkey Has to Make the Decision, Is It with the Libyan People or Against Them” – Al Marsad

“The United States welcomed the outcome of the political dialogue and we know how Egypt has been trying to provide assistance to Libyans over the past years,” said the regional spokesperson for the US State Department, Samuel Warberg.

(Libya, 14 February 2021) – During telephone intervention with the 90-minutes TV program with presenter Osama Kamal, Samuel Warberg said: “We know that Egypt would have been affected by the spread of terrorism in Libya. All parties must respect the outcome of the upcoming elections, Libyans’ will, and withdraw the mercenaries and foreign forces from Libya.”

Warberg continued, “The US stance on the Libyan file is clear, and everyone should withdraw. Turkey has to decide if it is with the Libyan people or against them.”

“We have called on all parties to withdraw any armed elements from Libyan territory, and all parties must respect and respond to the invitation. We will monitor everything that happens in Libya, and will not anticipate events if Turkey fails to do so,” added Warberg.