Al-Nuwayri: Dbaiba Has to Accelerate Selection and Form the Unity Government – Al Marsad

Fawzi al-Nuwayri, First Deputy Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, said on Monday that the time of political tensions is over and that Libya today is dominated by an atmosphere of reconciliation and rapprochement. He called on the members of the House of Representatives (HoR) to take advantage of this environment for consensus rather than intransigence and stubbornness, because Libya needs to unify the legislative body.

(Libya, 16 February 2021) – According to the HoR’s official website, al-Nuwayri said: “We hope the sessions that HoR’s members called for in Sabratha or in Sirte, and others, are to consult and gather as much consensus as possible to unify the HoR. We fear attempts to thwart efforts to unify the HoR and continue its division.”

“The arguments that we see today are not in favour of consensus and unification of the HoR, it increases division and distracts it. We call on the new Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbaiba to accelerate the selection of professionals for his government and form the unity government, to block the way for any attempts to confuse and polarize.”

He stressed that the obligations entrusted to the HoR are no less serious than uniting it, and indicated that some of it is a correction for what happened in the past, such as holding elections without active party movement, and this should be remedied.

Al-Nuwayri said: I am not against the meeting of the HoR’s members in any city, but with any meeting for reconciliation, convergence and unification of the council. He also explained that the law does not need to be interpreted or explained, the texts are clear and explicit and the issue is not a matter of legal controversy.