Gaddaf al-Dam: Libyan Youth Demands May Have Been Legitimate, But Did Not Require a Revolution – Al Marsad

Libyan National Struggle Front’s political figure, Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, said that the circumstances surrounding the killing of the late Colonel Gaddafi must be disclosed and those responsible for his death be held accountable. “For the sake of fairness, there should be an investigation into what happened in Libya” said Gaddaf al-Dam.

(Libya, 16 February 2021) – In an interview to Sputnik, Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam explained that what happened in Libya was unjustified external aggression. He said the demands of Libya’s youth that may have been legitimate but did not require what followed, stressing that the country had no justification for the revolution, unlike Tunisia and Egypt.

He said, “Libya was not a threat to world peace to merit a Security Council intervention of this nature.” He went on to add, “even then, the Security Council did not stipulate an attack on Libya with this massive number of warplanes – 40 thousand air strikes, and tens of thousands of missiles from land and sea.”

Gaddaf al-Dam stressed that Libyans had lived decently and the per capita income rate was the highest in Africa, there was no reason for people to revolt. However, he said Libya had a revolutionary regime hostile to the aspirations of colonial states.

Furthermore, Gaddaf al-Dam that forces aligned to Western countries had tried to kill the late Colonel Gaddafi for 8 months, and their aircraft had been targeting his tent wherever it was set up. He had been alive when he was hit by gas and rockets in Sirte, it is a case that never saw the light in the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Court of Justice of the European Union or the UN Security Council.

He characterised the killing of Gaddafi, which happened on 20 October 2011, as “a war crime”, and said an investigation must be carried out to determine who was responsible for his murder.

He said the failure in international forums to discuss the issue of the murder of the late Colonel Gaddafi confirms the hypocrisy of the international community and also the lies by human rights agencies present in Arab countries.