Ammari Zayed: The Current Crisis is a Natural Phase of Change – Al Marsad

Member of the Presidential Council of the Government of the National Accord (GNA) and of the banned Islamic Gathering Party, Mohamed Ammari Zayed, claimed that the “February revolution came to destroy one-man dictatorship and the rule of absurdity, the whims of a vain person who rips revenge and hatred against humans.”

(Libya, 17 February 2021) – In a speech published on his Facebook official account, Mohamed Ammari Zayed, who is close to the terrorist Shura Councils and Ansar al-Sharia, said: “We celebrate the February Revolution in its tenth year to value the most important accomplished of this revolution: freedom, the fall of the wall of fear, and the launch of freedom of speech.”

Ammari Zayed pointed out that one of the most important gains of the revolution was the awareness that spread among those who described themselves as “rebels” to thwart any local project with a regional cover to bury the “revolution” and return to the ascendancy of the individual, as he put it.

“Perhaps the epic defence of the capital led by the Volcano of Anger leaders is clear proof of this awareness. Many of the short-sighted who chanted ‘What has February Revolution achieved?‘, are those who evaluate the revolution with the logic of urgent interests, desires, without understanding the nature of revolutions, the changes in the society’s culture that follows, conflicts that arise between the owners of change and the beneficiaries of chaos, and those who perpetuate it.”

Ammari Zayed indicated that the current situation is a natural stage of change, after living four decades under narrow thoughts and silencing of voices. “If we ignore these facts and do not change them first, the fruits of the revolution we seek will be delayed,” he added.

“The fate of the revolution that we are waiting for does not mean that we do not care about the present, and the suffering of our citizens. What the Libyan citizen suffers in his daily life, does not fit him or his stature. We must be aware that the causes that perpetuate the suffering of the citizen are due to the underlying imbalance, and goes through the corruption that has spread and eats the development of the state, and tears down the morals of society. The reasons end with finding a national project we can all rally around, and which aims to build, and looks forward to a better future for the country, as well as better services for citizens”.

Ammari Zayed concluded: “That’s why we will continue to stick to the revolution, will not allow a coup against it, and will remain faithful to it and to its martyrs since its inception in 2011, from Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous Operation to the Volcano of Anger, and to everyone who faithfully sacrificed for the sake of this revolution, and gave their souls, money and lives for it.”