Emadeddin Muntasser: Dbaiba Rushed to Meet the Egyptian Government, the Aggressor State – Al Marsad

Emadeddin Muntasser, who is a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure and founding member of the Libyan American Public Affairs Council along with Esam Omeish, said that the visits of Prime Minister-designate Abdul Hamid Dbaiba follows the same footsteps as the policies of his predecessors, from Mohammed Magariaf to Fayez al-Sarraj and others, without strategy or purpose.

(Libya, 19 February 2021) – In a statement to the Qatari website Arabi 21 on Thursday, Emadeddin Muntasser said: “Unfortunately, the citizen is the last concern of the new Libyan politicians. Egypt, in particular, is an aggressor state, and will not satisfy our freedom and will not allow free or fair elections in Libya. Therefore, a smart strategy must be taken to deal with it, not trotting after its government.”