SPECIAL | Video Shows Bashagha’s Guards Shooting after Al-Hingari’s Car Overturned – Al Marsad

Activists on social media circulated a short video documenting the moment of the killing of Radwan al-Hingari at the hands of gunmen of the Minister of Interior of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha, on Sunday afternoon.

(Libya, 22 February 2021) – Radwan al-Hingari appeared in the video lying wounded on the ground, apparently after his car overturned, while a person stood waving his hands asking for safety as Bashagha’s guards approached, before one of them shot al-Hingari, according to the video.

In another video captured by a surveillance camera in Janzour at the moment of Bashagha’s convoy incident, it appears that the road was open and the front of the convoy passed before a car of the same convoy hit the Stabilization Support Authority (SSA) vehicle that was on the same road, which led to its overturning and exiting towards the opposite road.

After the car overturned on the other side of the road, some people attempted to rescue those who were in it, before Bashagha’s guards shot at al-Hingari, and injured another named Murad and one nicknamed “Calypso”. Another footage from another angle showed a black armoured vehicle hitting the car until it overturned and got off the road and almost hit a civilian car.

Political analyst Mohammed al-Hingari, who is also the deceased’s cousin, said that the forensic report did not show that the body was exposed to bullets or shrapnel, but the death was due to fractures in the thigh, thoracic cage and shoulder as a result of the car accident and the car violently overturning.

This account contradicts Bashagha’s statement and story, who said that al-Hingari was killed in the clash during the security deal, which puts doubts on the whole assassination story and highlights the usual constant abuse civilian passers-by and drivers continue to face form his convoy.

Ambassador Richard Norland of the US Embassy in Libya was swift in condemning the supposed “assassination” attempt on Bashagha, almost within an hour after it was announced. The Foreign Ministry of Qatar and the Embassy of France, along with the Justice and Construction Party (JCP)—which supported Bashagha’s bid for Prime Ministerial post for the LPDF government—also issued statements of condemnation.

Others, however, demanded careful attention and referral of the investigation to an independent authority instead of giving in to allegations, particularly as available visual footage seems to point to serious discrepancies in Bashagha’s allegation.

For its part, the Stabilization Support Authority (SSA) denied involvement of its members in any assassination attempt, and condemned what it called “media hype.”

Bashagha, however, stuck to his story of an “assassination attempt” while he was surrounded by his  convoy of 60 vehicles, many of which were armored vehicles according to eyewitnesses in Sidi Abdeljalil area of Janzour, west of Tripoli, where the incident took place.

The new Presidential Council and the new Prime Minister-designate of the interim government, called for an impartial and transparent investigation until the truth and accountability of involvement in the violation of the law was unearthed. Fayez al-Sarraj also demanded the Attorney General to investigate and provide him with the result and identify all those who committed any criminal offense in the incident with the Minister of Interior.