Stabilization Support Authority: We Will Pursue Those Involved in the Shooting of Our Employees by Law – Al Marsad

The newly-formed Stabilization Support Authority (SSA) of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA), said that its members were subjected to a shooting incident on the coastal road in Janzour area.

(Libya, 22 February 2021) – In its statement, the Stabilization Support Authority (SSA) explained that the shooting took place during the return of its employees from their assigned work, when the passage of a vehicle belonging to the SSA coincided with the passage of a convoy belonging to the GNA’s Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha. It said the minister’s guards unduly shot at the armoured vehicle belonging to the SSA.

The statement added that this shooting led to the death of one of the members of the SSA, Radwan al-Hingari from al-Zawiya and injuring one of his comrades. It noted that what happened was due to the poor coordination and misconduct of the guards of the Minister of Interior, and it denied the involvement of the SSA in any attempt to assassinate Bashagha.

Moreover, the statement stressed the commitment of the SSA to prosecute those involved in the shooting of its employees through the law, and in accordance with the legislation in force regulating the work of institutions in the state, away from false allegations and media hype that do not serve the relationship between the official security services.



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