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The Sirte National Committee for Youth Empowerment issue a statement ahead of the Parliamentary meeting in the city, demanding that the new Presidential Council and its interim government and the House of Representatives fulfil their pledge to the political agreement and hold Presidential and Parliamentary elections on time.

(LIBYA, 24 February 2021) – The Sirte National Committee for Youth Empowerment issued a statement on Tuesday on the detailing key issues which need to be on the agenda of the new interim authorities in Libya. The organisation stressed that the need to hold Presidential and Parliamentary elections on time as pledged by the new executive authorities selected by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), and that particularly attention be paid to the needs of the people of Sirte, who have been neglected since 2013 by the government in terms of jobs, compensation and development.

AlMarsad publishes here the full English translation of their statement which was issued in Arabic:

Statement by the Sirte National Committee for Youth Empowerment

Within the framework of the follow-up of the youth of the Libyan city of Sirte to the course of political events from the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum [LPDF] to the choice of the government, despite the conspicuous exclusion of the city’s role in political stability and failing to engage the city in the dialogue and peace process; despite all this, we called on all the youth of the city to forget these wounds and rally around peace, building and unity, and give priority to the interests of the Libyan people above all the tragedies of their city.

Today we support and value the political steps and celebrate the advent of the House of Representatives inside the capital of peace, the city of national unity, the city of all Libyans.

In our role, as patriotic youth, we demand that:

  • The new Presidential Council with all its members;
  • The Government of National Unity as Prime Minister and Ministers;
  • The Libyan Parliament, with its presidency and members;

implement the demands of the youth, which are as follows:

  • Emphasizing on the political agreement and holding the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections on its scheduled date to move forward towards the stability and development that the youth of Sirte and the youth of Libya, with all its social components, aspire to achieve.
  • Work to solve the problem of compensation file for the 2011 and 2016 war, which affected the residents of the city.
  • Looking into the file of job seekers and compensation to the city for the exclusion that occurred since 2013 in employment quotas.
  • Seek solutions to the suffering of the displaced Libyan citizens of Sirte as a result of the wars that took place in the city.
  • The release of the detainees of the city, the application of the general amnesty law, the disclosure of the fate of the missing, and the delivery of the confiscated bodies.

We hope to hold the Cabinet meetings in the city and to make Sirte an Administrative Capital according to the political agreement; a capital for all Libyans that welcomes all, with its houses permanently open to host all Libyans for the sake of construction, reconstruction and development, and making rapid leaps towards a new future that includes all Libyans with all their affiliations.

May Peace, Mercy, and Blessings of God Almighty Be Upon You

Issued in Sirte on 23 February 2021

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