Abdulkabir: Tunisia Lost its Compass on the Libyan File – Al Marsad
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Mustafa Abdulkabir, an analyst in Libyan affairs, said that Tunisia had lost the compass on the Libyan file, and it is not able to correct and fix what had been corrupted by years of war. To overcome this, it needs a specialised and competent body to supervise the Libyan file.

(Libya, 25 February 2021) – In a statement to Al-Arab Newspaper, Mustafa Abdulkabir expressed his hope for the return of economic movement between the two countries and the return of Tunisian labor to the Libyan market, which he believes will help revitalize Tunisian economy and ease its recession.

He hoped the new interim government of Abdul Hamid al-Dbaiba, if it gets Parliamentary confidence, will be able to return the Libyan economy back on track. He said the Dbaiba government was a government of reconstruction and would bing new spirit to the collapsed and disjointed Libyan state.


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