Ghannouchi: 50% of the Tunisia’s Problems Can Be Solved in Libya – Al Marsad

The head of the Tunisian Ennahda Movement, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and current Speaker of Parliament, Rachid Ghannouchi said that his country did not make much effort to contribute to the solution of the Libyan crisis because it sees the conflict only in terms of secularists versus Islamists

(Libya, 25 February 2021) – Islamist leader Rachid Ghannouchi, in an interview with Diwan FM, said: “Unfortunately, we did not take advantage of opportunities. Tunisia had scarce presence, even though the most important issue that may affect the country is the Libyan issue.”

“I estimate that 50% of Tunisia’s problems can be solved in Libya,” he said, adding, “It is enough for half a million Tunisians to turn to work in Libya to end the country’s unemployment problems, as well as the markets that will open for our agricultural and industrial goods.”

Ghannouchi continued: “Tunisians did not make a great effort to contribute in solving the Libyan crisis, and the ambassador of the European Union has told us that now that this is the final opportunity for Tunisians to pay attention to Libya. The successive government don’t understand this issue and treat Libya as an ideological battle between secularists and Islamists.”

Ghannouchi urged an alliance of Tunisia, Libya and Algeria to revive the “dream of the Maghreb”. He explained, “The Algerian leadership has to bet on the open borders and the single currency between the Triangle of Tunisia, Libya and Algeria just as the European dream has begun.”