North Tripoli Chief Prosecutor: There Was No Assassination Attempt Against Bashagha in Janzour – Al Marsad

The head of the North Tripoli Chief Prosecution office, Omar Ali Fakini issued a statement on the incident that occurred on 21 February in Janzour near the capital, Tripoli, concluding after investigating all available evidence that the incident was not intended to assassinate Fathi Bashagha.

(Libya, 2 March 2021) – The statement issued on 24 February by Omar Ali Fakini mentioned the incident that took place during the passage of the convoy of the Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha, which resulted in the death of Radwan Mohamed al-Hinqari. It provided a summary of the facts that took place on Sunday 21 February.

Fathi Bashagha had claimed that the incident was an assassination attempt on his person.

The statement explained that the incident happened due to the obstruction of Bashagha’s envoy on the highway by a Stabilization Support Authority’s (SSA) vehicle that had 3 SSA employees: Radwan Mohammed al-Hinqari, Murad Mohammed al-Jarmi and Ahmed Salem Ali.

It said that what happened was the result of an argument and immediate provocation on the road which then evolved into a suspicious maneuver by the SSA vehicle, causing Bashagha’s convoy to face the vehicle in a mandatory manner to push any possible danger that could affect Bashagha by besiege it with vehicles to protect the minister.

The statement also detailed what happened afterwards when some of Bashagha’s convoy pursued the vehicle and guards shot in the air towards the SSA vehicle, before one of the convoy cars hit the SSA vehicle while moving at a speed of more than 160 km/hr.

The collision forced the SSA car to overturn, the driver died due to the impact of the collision, and the other two passengers in the car were lightly injured by the accident. One of the armed escorts of the convoy was also injured with a bullet in his arm. The statement confirmed that the crime scene was inspected in details and the SSA car was transported within a quarter of an hour after the incident to Zawiya.

Furthermore, the statement added that the body was detected, and the forensic doctor concluded that al-Hinqari’s death was the result of vehicle collision and not gunshot injuries.

The statement also noted that following enquiries and questioning, those who hit the vehicle and caused the death of Radwan Mohammed al-Hinqari were reached, and the defendant Mohammed Dayhom Abu Hajar, one of Bashagha’s men, admitted hitting the SSA car with his Toyota Tundra, which led to the vehicle overturning and the death of its driver.

The statement said the investigations were completed and the preparation of documentation had been initiated, with the possibility of hearing any further witness. The final medical report was also to be transferred to the legal authorities within a week. All features of the incident were firm, and the 3 defendants were in custody.

The statement concluded by affirming that the incident was not intended to assassinate the Minister of the Interior Fathi Bashagha, and that all available evidence confirmed this conclusion.