Arab League: Developments in Libya May Lead to Stability – Al Marsad

Hossam Zaki, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, said that the Libyan file is one of the important files for the Arab League and they issue resolutions on Libya in each of their sessions.

(Libya, 4 March 2021) – During his interview with DMC channel, Hossam Zaki indicated that there are developments in the Libyan file which could lead the country to safety.

Zaki pointed out that there are some issues and elements that threaten stability in Libya, and that the Arab League is communicating and cooperating with international organizations such as the United Nations, to align positions in order to reach stability in Libya.

“We do not want mercenaries, Libya is for the Libyans, they must eliminate militias, and have one entity, one government,” he explained.

Zaki also stressed that there would be many challenges until the end of the year.