Bahrain Says Turkish Intervention in Libya is a Threat to Arab National Security – Al Marsad

The Assistant Foreign Minister of Bahrain, Abdullah Al-Doseri, condemned Turkey’s hosting of terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and providing them with a safe haven.  

(Libya, 4 March 2021) – Abdullah Al-Doseri’s condemnation came during his participation in the second meeting of the Arab Ministerial Quartet Committee concerned with following up on Turkish interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries. The meeting criticized the repeated Turkish violations of the UN Security Council resolutions that imposes arms embargo on Libya.

Al-Doseri pointed out that Turkey uses media platforms to incite the use of violence and bear arms in Libya, and violates its sovereignty through direct interventions, or by supporting terrorist and extremist groups, mercenaries and foreign terrorist fighters, through financing, training and arming them.

Al-Doseri said that what is required now was Arab and international action to counter the Turkish approach and address it at all levels, because it was a grave violation of international law and relevant UN Security Council resolutions, and a direct threat to the Arab national security.