Bashagha Releases the Accused in Al-Hinqari’s Death Case – Al Marsad

The Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha, released the first suspect in the case of the murder of Radwan al-Hinqari, member of the Stabilization Support Authority (SSA) in the incident which Bashagha alleged to be an assassination attempt on Janzur Road in February.

(LIBYA, 7 March 2021) – A source close to the case, who preferred not to be identified for security reasons, revealed to AlMarsad that Faisal Mestiri, commander of Bashagha’s guards, had been imprisoned at Al-Jadida Prison in Tripoli after his arrest by order of the Attorney General following the incident on 21 February.

According to the same source, Bashagha called on the Attorney General to transfer Mestiri from his prison in Tripoli to another prison of the Information Office of the Minister of Interior headed by Fawzi Ghaith al-Zlitni.

The source added that Mestiri was released and free in Misrata, two days after being transferred with the permission of the Attorney General from Al-Jadida Prison to the new prison of the Information Office of the Minister of Interior.

This development comes after the report by the North Tripoli Prosecution that charged with investigating the case, and which concluded in a report published on 24 February that the accident was a crime caused by provocation and traffic harassment and was not an assassination attempt against Bashagha.

North Tripoli Chief Prosecutor: There Was No Assassination Attempt Against Bashagha in Janzour