White House Pledges to Hold Accountable Any Party Seeking to Obstruct the December Elections – Al Marsad

US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan issued a statement on behalf of President Joe Biden on late Friday, congratulating the Libyan people on forming a Government of National Unity to lead Libya to national elections on December 24, 2021, and vowing to hold accountable all those who obstruct it.

(LIBYA, 12 March 2021) – “All Libyans deserve this chance to choose their leaders through the democratic process, reestablish their sovereignty free from foreign interference and violence, and secure a brighter future after painful years of civil conflict and political upheaval,” said the statement said.

Jack Sullivan’s statement on behalf of the US President Biden affirmed that the United States stands with all those committed to elections and, in support of United Nations mediation and together with our international partners, we will promote accountability for any parties that seek to undermine the electoral roadmap Libyans have established.”

The statement continued: “The empty logic of military escalation has failed. It is long past time for foreign countries sending mercenaries and weapons that harm innocent Libyans to begin their withdrawal and respect the resounding Libyan calls for a peaceful political transition.”

The White House statement concluded by stressing that “is the opportunity for Libyans to lay down their arms, resolve their differences peacefully, subscribe to a new era of law and order, and write for themselves a more stable and prosperous chapter in their history.


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