Al-Saghir: CBL’s Siddik al-Kabir Owns More Real Estate in Turkey than Erdogan – Al Marsad

The former Undersecretary of the Libyan Foreign Ministry, Hassan al-Saghir, accused the head of the Presidency Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj and the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), Siddiq al-Kabir, of stealing from the pockets of Libyan citizens by selling the dollar four times its price.

(LIBYA, 16 March 2021) – Hassan al-Saghir, said in a statement that “[Siddik] al-Kabir owns more real estate in Turkey than Erdogan, and al-Sarraj has more assets in London and Bahrain than British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Governor of the Bank of Bahrain.”

He also asked: “Did Shakshak refer the violators to the Attorney General, including Al-Sarraj and Bashagha? … The Attorney General cannot take any action on his own in such violations and crimes, or is the referral to the Attorney General limited only to officials from the Fezzan and Bani Walid?”

He also argued that Khaled Shakshak was using the audit reports for political purposes and he cited the 2014 audit report “which was revealed prior to the convening of a session of the Libyan National Conference to approve the outputs of the February Committee and Zeidan’s dismissal, and now the same story is repeating itself.”

Al-Saghir concluded that the members of the Audit Bureau are not happy and that their efforts will bear nothing so long as Shakshak remains head of the bureau.