Mishri Gives Humanitarian Award to Bahroun Who is Wanted by Attorney General and Interior Ministry - Al Marsad

The Head of the advisory High Council of State and member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party (JCP), Khaled al-Mishri, said that Libya is now in a conflict between the projects of the state and the city, and other is “the project of the rule of individual and military,” as he described.

(Libya, 31 March 2021) – During his speech at a ceremony held in Zawiya to release prisoners who belong to the Libyan National Army (LNA), Khaled al-Mishri said that they presented many “martyrs” on the walls of Tripoli and they would provide more if “the military project” returned.


“We are have the upper hand, the power and we are the right ones. We advance tolerance while we are in the highest degree of power. Those who were released today must remember that this war had martyrs, including those were the only sons of their mothers, and who are still in prisons of the unjust and brutal, but yet, we take a step forward for tolerance.”

At the ceremony Khaled al-Mishir honored Mohammed Bahroun (al-Far), on behalf of the advisory State Council. Al-Mishri awarded Mohammed Bahroun the Council medal for “humanitarian” work, even though he is wanted by the Attorney General and the Ministry of Interior in connection with the case known as “ISIS-131.