Field Marshal Haftar Praises Role of Tribes in Preserving Social Fabric and Promoting Reconciliation – Al Marsad

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar received this weekend a delegation of Sheikhs and elders of the Darseh tribe at the headquarters of the Libya National Army (LNA)’s General Command.

(Libya, 5 April 2021) – According to the Information Office of the LNA General Command, the delegation confirmed its full support for the armed forces in its war against terrorism, promoting state-building, and protecting the homeland and its citizens.

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar praised the role of the people of the Darseh tribe in the war against terrorism, and the role of the Libyan tribes in preserving the social fabric and reconciliation.


The meeting with the Darseh tribe follows on from the First National Forum for Social Components in Libya which was held last Wednesday at al-Rajma, and which brought leaders of many Libyan tribes together at a convention hosted at the LNA’s al-Rajma headquarters. During his keynote address at the Forum, Field Marshal Haftar called for the need to hold the upcoming general elections in Libya on time.

He said there was no place for colonists and terrorists in Libya, and that the existence of the armed forced stems from need to preserve Libya’s sovereignty and security and prestige. He  stressed that the opening of the Coastal Road was critical and must be expedited before the month of Ramadan, so that public and commercial movement is facilitated.

The Commander-in-Chief of the LNA added that the government should expedite the provision of the necessary services and urgently provide an effective vaccine for the Corona epidemic. He said the National Forum for Social Components in Libya should promote  comprehensive national reconciliation, which was one of the highest priorities, because Libya is for all Libyans.

He also urged all Libyans to demand the removal of all mercenaries and foreign forces from Libya, which would help pave the way for building bridges of peace, friendship and reconciliation.

Field Marshal Haftar also stressed the need to stand firmly against acts which are outside the law, including kidnapping, killing and assault, and called on all tribes to lift tribal protection on anyone who committed criminal acts or assisted individuals or terrorist groups to destabilize the security of regions and cities in all parts of Libya.

He called on state agencies to take the necessary legal measures to deter criminals and outlaws, noting that the tasks of the armed forces are to fight terrorism wherever it is found, protect national soil, and assist the security services in performing their duties whenever the need arises.

He called on UNSMIL and the international community to commit to implementing the roadmap which emerged from the dialogue forums in Tunis and Geneva. He explained that the roadmap necessitates the Government of National Unity (GNU) to set up a mechanism to regulate media channels and reject hate speech and sedition, and stop media channels from inciting the killing of Libyans and operating against security institutions.